We perceive philately as a timeless international cultural phenomenon, a precious part of the world’s cultural heritage. It is a shared value and “common language” of millions of people from all over the world, across generations and continents, languages and cultures. Philately, among other things, preserves beautiful stories of stamps and their owners, allows us to build on and develop them, thus participating in the timelessness exceeding our lives. It has been proving itself successful in this way for 160 years now – an inherited tradition for which we are responsible!

The Prestige Philately Club Prague was founded on 28 October 2018 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state.

The club aims to bring together leading collectors, experts and investors in philately to present the highest quality and the traditional prestige of philately in society not only through their collecting activity, but also through the overall importance and reputation of their personality.

At the favourable time of growing interest in philately around the world, immediately after the great success of the Praga 2018 World Stamp Exhibition, the establishment of PPCP put into practice the ideas and objectives expressed earlier by several Czech and Slovak personalities from the world of philately and alternative investment..

The activities of PPCP are focused on putting into practice the objectives specified in the Statutes and on presenting the topic of prestige philately in public, namely by acting in the media space, by organizing Quarterly Members’ Meetings and the PPCP Biennale.

Quarterly Members’ Meeting

The Quarterly Members’ Meeting is held regularly every three months, starting in February 2019. It is a non-public meeting. The members will meet to discuss, among other things, the following topics:

  • the activities of PPCP and its members and the results of these activities
  • candidates for membership and their assessment
  • general issues involving the development of and trends in philately both in the Czech Republic and in the rest of the world in the collecting, cultural and market contexts.

Lectures given by invited VIPs of domestic and world philately or the philatelic market can be held at the meetings. The conclusions and opinions expressed at these meetings are confidential and will not be published anywhere.

PPCP Biennale

Organized once every two years, the PPCP Biennale is a publicly accessible exhibition of rarities owned by the members. The first one is planned for October 2020. Each Biennale will last two or three days. It will be held in an appropriately prestigious venue, conceived as a major social event with a cultural and lecturing programme, associated with the publication of a special catalogue, etc. More information about the Biennale can be found in the Statutes.

Collecting stamp is King of Hobbies and Hobby of Kings.

George V.