21.9. Work Meeting of the 2020 Biennale Preparations Commitee


The work meeting took place in Šrobárova vila, the seat of PPCP. The leadership of the club met with Jan Rihak, the art director of the cooperating graphic studio Eternia, and Tomáš Hejda, owner of the PR Mollo media agency. An evalution of PPCP’s attendance at the 2020 Sběratel expo was made – the success of sales of souvenir banknotes with National Museum and Biennale motives exceeded expecations and every visitor of the expo was informed of the upcoming exhibition.

Discussed were both the Czech Post stamp emission, which then came out on the 23rd of September and also the emission of PPCP’s own stamps, whch will be issued in October.

We also sorted out information regarding the ongoing preparations in the National for the Biennale in all its aspects and formulated and distributed tasks, which await us.

A definitive decision regarding whether the opening ceremony can take place (due to the Covid 19 situation) will be made on a meeting with the National Museum on the 23rd of October 2020. A possibility of a virtual opening was discussed with PR Mollo. Tomáš Hejda also gave an overview of Biennale media coverage, which will include attractive visual information from the installation of exhibits, live broadcasts from the first days of the exhibition and also media coverage and ads preceding the exhibition with a competition, in which tickets for the exhibition and guided tours can be won etc.

The single-frame exhibits are practically ready and we now have to finish preparations of the catalogue and thematic exhibits in display cases. The entire set of contextual exhibits of individual rarities will be published in the catalogue.