Bratislavafila 2023



The Bratislavafila 2023 Philatelic Exhibition took place in beautiful Bratislava

 From 1st to 4th of June, under the auspices of the Ministry of Construction and Transport of the Slovak Republic, a national philatelic exhibition with international participation, Bratislavafila 2023, took place in the Slovak capital on the Danube River, namely in the Slovak National Museum. The exhibition was held to great attention of the media and of course with participation of Prestige Philately Club Prague, Austrian Vindobona Association and other distinguished exhibitors and guests.




It is also important to mention that the PPCP received a commemorative medal from the Organizing Committee of the exhibition as one of the exhibiting clubs. In the photo below, the PPCP President, Tomáš Mádl, receives the commemorative medal.

Five PPCP members took the opportunity to display their competitve exhibits, since it was an exhibition with international participation, and their efforts were awarded with numerous points.

Tomáš Mádl, who exhibited his exhibit Saint Vincent – Pearl Of The Caribbean, received 92 points and a Special Prize; Jaroslav Stuna received 90 points for his exhibit Great Britain Classic Period – Rarities, Blocks, Reconstructions; Lubor Kunc received 89 points for his exhibit K. u. K. Kriegsmarine 1914-1918; Peter Vaňuga received 85 points for his exhibit titled Duloz Issues of Ottoman Empire 1865-1877. All the gentlemen received Gold Medals.

Another exhibiting member of the PPCP, Jiří Kraus, displayed 2 exhibits in Bratislava – the first, Dr. Václav Vojtěch – the first Czech in Antarctica, was awarded with 92 points, the Large Gold Medal and a Special Prize; the second exhibit, The First Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904, earned 91 points and also the Large Gold Medal.

The club also used the exhibition to hold an informal, very welcoming 11th members’ meeting on 2nd June at the Korzo restaurant in the very heart of Bratislava.

We would like to thank all the members who came to Bratislava to exhibit their rarities and to congratulate those who entered the competition part once again!