British Guiana Stamp Displayed at London



Stanley Gibbons Company open a public exhibition with the legendary 1 cent British Guiana stamp of 1856 during the London 2022 World Stamp Exhibition organized in February 2022 (https://www.stanleygibbons.com/collecting-stamfps/one-cent-magenta).

The exhibition was run in the first floor of the Stanley Gibbons shop and it was accessible without a prior registration. The display was prepared in the way being enjoyable also for the kids, its integral part was a stamp collecting comics. The approach was very successful as demonstrated by composition of the visitors consisting of many families with the kids, who visited the place they would never go to without the displayed rare stamp.

The company prepared many souvenirs for the exhibition visitors, from key rings through pins up to the very precise prints of the displayed stamp. The souvenirs were required by many young visitors and acquired by their parents. It still runs the period for potential acquisition of the share in the legendary stamp until end of April (through the NFTs, see the PPCP email dated Dec. 15, 2021).



Not far away from the British Guiana exposition is located the St. Clement Danes Church serving as the key religious point of Royal Air Force. Here are among others celebrated the Czechoslovak members of RAF fighting during WWII. I can warmly recommend visiting the church.

The PPCP members achieved the very good results at the London 2022 World Stamp Exhibition. Mr. Vít Vaníček´s exhibit “Postal History of Czech Lands (from beginning until 1867)” won the third Large Gold medal being therefore qualified for the elite class “FIP Championship Class” open only at the general world stamp exhibitions. The class exhibits are examined for awarding “the Best Exhibit of All the Exhibition” prize. An excellent result was achieved by Mr. Miloš Hauptman and his exhibit “Czechoslovakia 1950-1961: Multi stamp Flat Plate Printing form Steel Engraving” winning the Gold medal. Mr. Jiří Kraus received the Large Vermeil medal for his exhibit “Finding Antarctica – The Finding More Of It” and Mr. Lubor Kunc won Vermeil medal for his display “Austro-Hungarian Field Post 1914-1918”. Congratulations!

The complete results of the London 2022 exhibition are available at https://www.london2022.co/exhibits/.


Lubor Kunc