Report from the World Exhibition HUNFILEX 2022 Budapest



The world philatelic exhibition HUNFILEX 2022 was held in Budapest from March 31 to April 3, 2022, during which the exhibition classes of champions, traditional philately, postal history, fiscal philately, thematic philately, open philately, single-frame exhibits and literature were included. 1,029 frames were available for the exhibitors who filled them with 201 multi-frame exhibits, 47 single-frame exhibits and 52 frames were for the literature class.

Three PPCP’s own exhibitors took part in the competition, who received the following evaluation for their exhibits: Peter Severin: Stamps and seals in Slovakia in the years 1850-67 – 90 b (gold); Jiří Kraus: Finding Antarctica – Subsequent discovery of other information in this area – 90 b (gold).

P. Severin gained the opportunity to expand the exhibit to 8 frames. J. Kraus in the Open Class received the highest number of points of all the exhibits competing in it.

V. Vaníček narrowed his exhibit The Postal History of the Czech Lands from the Beginning to 1867 was presented in the court of honour.

The rest of the results can be found at: https://www.hunfilex2022.com/#/client/exhibition/palmares. The exhibition took place in the conference sections of the football stadium in Budapest and was spread over four floors.

The exhibition was partially used to promote the upcoming exhibition in Liberec, and many active participants in international exhibitions have already shown interest in it. A part of the organizing committee also met with the highest representatives of FIP and FEPA and discussed the upcoming exhibition with them and signed an agreement with FIP to recognize the exhibits’ scoring at other world exhibitions.

Jiří Kraus