Treasures of World Philately II


Municipal House in Prague

27. 10. – 5. 11. Municipal House in Prague

Visitors may look forward to world-class rarities, many of which are being seen in the Czech Republic for the first and last time. Some rarities have never been presented anywhere in the world before, and only a few insiders knew about their existence. Most members of the PPCP, Vindobona and CMC do not exhibit at the usual philatelic exhibitions organised by, for example, FIPA or FEPA – moreover, rarities from private collections are not usually lent out publicly, which makes the Biennale a unique stage for their presentation. The uniqueness of the exhibition is enhanced by the rule that each exhibit can only be shown once per Biennale.

The exhibition is extraordinary not only for the appearance of important philatelic rarities, but also for its unique presentation of exhibits within the world exhibition series!

We show the socio-cultural and historical contexts and stories of each stamp or letter; we present them in a non-philatelic language which is more understandable and engaging for the non-philatelic public, unlike, for example, competitive exhibitions.

We look forward to your visit!


List of Exhibits

Last General Government stamp emission Country and people
12 stamps for 12 million
The Golden monkey stamp
The rarest perforated stamps of the British Colonial philately
Postage due stamp printing error 50/50
The first two postage stamps of the World
Round the World in a hundred days
The first colonial stamp of the World – Lady McLeod
What even Charles III does not have…
His aim was perfection
First among all, newspaper stamps 1851
Balloon mail
1 Cent British Guiana Black on Magenta – A rare block of four
Czechoslovakia 1924, telegram from Subcarpathian Ruthenia to Texas, USA
370 Shades of red
One of the rarest postal covers of the German Colonial Empire
Airmail letter of 1918
World’s first newspaper stamps – Austrian Mercury, issued 1851, 1856
Stamp of hope
Air stamp of the Czechoslovakian spa
To cut or not to cut
Austrian airmail stamps with the overprint Pošta československá 1919
Stickney rotary printing press
Uniques of first issue of Persia – The Lion and the sun
German post in the light of the Ottoman crescent moon
Australia’s rarest printing error
Letter from the collection of the Father of postal history
80 Centesimi in 1859, 275 000 Euros in 2023
One of three
Newfound freedom
Operational service stamps – Premium order J 2
First and last stamp of the Slovak state
Inverted comb perforation on the London issue 20 h stamp
Everything’s been here before
The biggest block
Moscow in Ukraine
Norwegians under Roald Amundsen finish first in race to the South pole
Ex royal collection
The official confirmation
The rarest plate and printing defects of Czechoslovakia 1
Joint print of Hradčany and Matka Slávie (9+3)
Registered letter of 6th weight step from Brood to Moscow
The Saxony legendary stamp is actually a provisional stamp
Pair of imprimaturs for the first printing of the 4 Skilling Banco stamp
The rarest lions in the World
The Blue Barbados
The Great game
The famous Hawaiian Missionary two cents
One day, two rarities
Correspondence cards – FDC, albino, black
1850 – First Issue of the Austrian Monarchy, Eight of 9 Kreuzer type I on cover
50 Kr rarity from aristocratic correspondence
Prephilately vs. Philately in the Austrian Empire
The first postcard in the world –the SMS of the 19th century