The Biennale catalogue has been published/ Works on the PPCP Charter case have been completed


The 2020 Biennale catalogue is a unique publication in terms of its contents and its design. It presents individual rarities from the collections of members of three eminent clubs – Prestige Philately Club Prague, Vindobona, and Club de Monte Carlo, and also two “guest” exhibits – Mauritius Post Office Red and the famous Lady McLeod, all accompanied with texts and images regarding the origins of these rarities, their provenances etc.  The catalogue also serves as a guide to the “500 Years of Post in Czech Lands” postal history project and to thematic exhibits focused on significant emissions from Austria, Great Britain etc, The contexts published in our catalogue are in many cases published for the very first time. They are presented in a comprehensible manner that integrates philately with the surrounding world, its history and its connotations. This results in a catalogue and an exhibition, which are both exceptionally attractive to the philatelic and also the non-philatelic public. PPCP will compete with its publication at The Japan World Stamp Championship Exhibition 2021 – Philanippon in Yokohama


We are also announcing the completion of a decorative protective case for the Charter – a key document of PPCP. This luxurious case is distinguished by its unique design and is made from walnut wood with fine gold intarsia elements. It was donated to the club by several of its members, who contributed to its funding. We therefore thank: J. Hanák, D. Kopřiva, P. Severin, J. Stuna, P. Vaňuga and J. Kraus. The case will be exhibited at the Biennale and will forever be a worthy artefact, which will be present at all club events.