The 3rd PPCP meeting at the Alchemist Grand Hotel in Prague.

The last meeting of this year took place on 12th December, traditionally in “our” Alchemist, with the participation of 25 Club members and 30 guests.

Two new members were recruited, namely Mr. Jiří Kraus from Liberec and Mr Nenad Rogin from Varasdin, Croatia.

J. Kraus is a world-renowned collector in the field of philatelic and non-philatelic documents and other artefacts exploring Antarctica and Arctic, with important contacts abroad.

N. Rogina is now the most important expert on Yugoslavia and Fiume, owner of the impressive collection of classical Sicily and a personality with international significance and influence, well fitting into our project to raise awareness of philately, which we want to promote at least in central European scale.

The meeting had a business/social character. The presence of famous personalities of the world of philately was our great honour, and also the great success of the PPCP and proof of the interest in our work abroad! Among others participants, the meeting was attended by Dr. Ulrich Ferchenbauer, renowned connoisseur of Austria and personality with historically the greatest merits in the development of Austrian philately and classical collecting, holder of an insurmountable catalogue from 2008, signatory to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists, holder of the prestigious Crawford Medal, etc. The main part of the programme was a lecture by Mr. Karl Louis, the head of Corinphila and co-owner of the Global Philatelic Network, about the current trends of the world’s philately market of the highest level in terms of collector’s priorities. It was a very interesting treatise on rarities at world auctions and about determination of demand through historical, “genealogical” and social contexts of famous stamps and letters.

It is a great honour for us that Karl devoted his precious time to our Club and lectured on trends of the world’s top business in Prague and not in New York, or anywhere else.

Another of our VIP guests, who we would like to name are Břetislav Janík, head of Stamp Design Department of Czech Post and Oldřich Černoch, member of the Supervisory Board of Czech Post. During the evening, D. Kopřiva had a short presentation about the successful participation of PPCP at the Monacophile 2019. A special thanks was expressed to the leading members of the Club – J. Stuna for excellently studied and presented the lecture in Monaco and to Z. Matějovský for providing selflessly the advertising space for permanent PPCP LEDs in 30 attractive places all over the Czech Republic.

The 3rd meeting has moved our Club a little more forward. We evaluated the activity and our results in 2019, there were planned further steps in the field of media activity in public space and especially in the implementation of the breakthrough project – 14 day exhibition of rarities at the National Museum in the autumn of next year. The 4th meeting of PPCP is planned for April 2020.