PPCP at Monacophil 2019

From 27th of November to 2nd of December 2019 exhibition and convention of the Club de Monte Carlo – Monacophil 2019 took place. 

In addition to the usual exhibition of 100 rarities from the collections of CMC „100 of the World’s most iconic Stamps and Philatelic Documents“, there were two associated exhibitions dedicated to Egypt and the Postal History of Maritime Transport, with an emphasis on unique items not yet exhibited or published.

As part of establishing foreign contacts with major clubs, a joint meeting of Prestige Philately Club Prague and Club de Monte Carlo took place already in Stockholmia 2019, where we received an invitation to participate and cooperate on Monacophil. PPCP was represented at Monacophil by 7 members – Mr. T. Mádl, D. Kopřiva, V. Vaníček, P. Lazar, J. Stuna, P. Sobotka and H. Avi. As part of the official Monacophil program, we had the opportunity to present our club (goals, ideas and practical actions) to the world elite.

We prepared a summary lecture, PP presentation and published a luxury English-French brochure about our Club. Our presentation took place on the 30th of November at the conference hall in the Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo and was attended by some 60 prominent CMC members and other personalities, including President P. Maselis, Vice President C. Arnrup, h. secretary RPSL Mr. Aitchison, until recently President of RPSL Mr. Ch. King, Mr. D. Feldman, Mr. V. Schouberechts, etc. The President of the Club T. Mádl has introduced the presentation, which was afterwards presented in English by the prominent member of our Club J. Stuna.  Our performance was received with great interest, the response was extremely positive and spontaneous. During the following one-hour discussion, it became clear that the most inspiring is the PPCP’s accent to act towards the non-philatelic public, to talk about philately in the categories comprehensible to the surrounding society, through the media and PR to raise awareness of it.

The audience was the most impressed by the report on the forthcoming Biennale – Exhibition of Rarities at the National Museum in the autumn of 2020. Right at the presentation we invited CMC members to participate in our Biennale and we showed examples of our contextual exhibits for specific stamps / letters. President Maselis then, in addition to thanks for the “beautiful and important part of the Monacophil program”, asked to repeat our proposal and also part of the presentation at the meeting of the complete Board of CMC. It took place on 1st December and of course T. Mádl, as a Club member, was participating, too. Together with D. Kopriva, he again informed about the possibility of exhibiting rarities from the collections of CMC members at our Biennale and the Club de Monte Carlo unanimously voted for this cooperation. Again, we have received great attention and recognition, when for example, Mr. Chris King constated that our form, design and elaboration of exhibits (already exposed at the exhibition in Liberec) are so attractive and so innovative that the members of the Club de Monte Carlo will want it for their rarities at the Biennale, too.

Furthermore, there were briefly addressed the details of the coordination of both clubs regarding the Biennale program, the selection of rarities, their delivery, etc. 

We evaluate the performance of PPCP on Monacophil in many aspects as extremely unexpectedly successful. The great interest in our activities and the openness of the world elite towards our plans and goals is very pleasing, confirming the right direction of our efforts and at the same time is also committing. We have a lot of work to do in 2020!



-HERE- English version of the publication issued as a guide to PPCP presentation