On 20 September 2019, already 2nd purely working Meeting of our Club took place. We have recruited new members, important personalities from collectible and professional point of view. We had the honour of welcoming Mr J. Klim, one of the most important Czech collectors and creators of the modern philatelic market, who has been working intensively in favour of philately for many decades and is very inspiring figure in the field of philately, the world-famous expert on Old Italian states Dr. Avi from Lugano, who is also a member of the Club de Monte-Carlo, Viennese auctioneer, collector and prominent member of the Austrian Vindobona Mag.Winter, and Czech businessman and collector Ing. Chlubna. We have also welcomed for the first time Ing. J. Hanák, the President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic admitted into the Club already in July.

Mgr. D. Kopřiva presented a forthcoming presentation of PPCP, which will be on the programme on 30 November in Monte Carlo, within the framework of the exhibition Monacophil 2019, organized by the CMC (Club de Monte-Carlo). Dr. Mádl and Mgr. Střecha informed about the progress of the preparations for the Biennale 2020 and Dr. Avi and Mag. Winter, as representatives of CMC and Vindobona, commented on possible cooperation and exposure of rarities in the ownership of members of both prestigious clubs. In summary, a very efficient evening was concluded by a debate on the preparation of the 3rd Meeting, which will again take place in “our” Alchymist, on 12 December 2019.


our Club – the beginning of the evening
T. Mádl and V. Vaníček are speaking about the Biennale
T. Mádl and J. Střecha are speaking about the Biennale
D. Kopřiva a naše prezentace PPCP pro Monte-Carlo
D. Kopřiva and our presentation of PPCP for Monte-Carlo
J. Kubát – our media broker
T. Mádl and J. Chlubna – handover of the Certificate
J. Chlubna has received the PPCP badge
J. Chlubna is signing Club’s Charter
T. Mádl and H. Avi – handover of the Certificate
H. Avi is signing Club’s Charter
T. Mádl and J. Klim – handover of the Certificate
J. Klim is signing Club’s Charter
T. Mádl and F. Winter – handover of the Certificate
F. Winter is signing Club’s Charter
T. Mádl and J. Hanák – handover of the Certificate
P. Lazar, D. Kopřiva, F. Winter, H. Avi
D. Kopřiva and H. Avi are speaking about the collaboration with CMC
D. Kopřiva and F. Winter are speaking about the collaboration with Vindobona
from the left M. Hauptman, P. Vaňuga, M. Vrba and others
from the right J. Chlubna, J. Kubát, T. Hejda – our PR manager and others
Andrea Neri – our assistant
J. Klim, J. Rihak – owner of graphic studio Eternia, H. Avi and others
J. Hanák , Z. Matějovský, J. Stuna, Z. Filípek
M. Hauptman, P. Vaňuga, M. Vrba
P. Severín, M. Němeček, D. Sobotka – PPCP web editor
J. Střecha, V. Vaníček
A. Neri, H. Avi
J. Rihak a J. Kubát
J. Hanák a M. Hauptman
V. Vaníček a J. Hanák
P. Severín a J. Střecha
M. Vrba a Z. Filípek
F. Winter a P. Lazar