World Exhibition Helvetia 2022, Lugano



From May 18 to May 22, 2022, the world exhibition Helvetia 2022 (www.helvetia2022.ch ) took place in Lugano, Switzerland. The exhibition was organized in honor of the 160th anniversary of the issue of the seated stamp Helvetia, which was the first perforated stamp of Switzerland. PPCP chairman Tomáš Mádl exhibited the Biennale 2020 catalog in the competition class, which won a gold medal, and Vít Vaníček exhibited in the master class. Competitive exhibition classes of traditional philately, postal history, postal stationery, aero-philately, thematic philately, literature and single-frame exhibits were included. The total capacity of the competition part of the exhibition was almost 2000 frames.

Prestige Philatelic Club had the opportunity to exhibit eleven rare contextual exhibits in the non-competitive part, which enjoyed of great interest among visitors. These were exhibits:

Petr Pflanzer Flaška, Marek Vrba: Endless Waiting
Jaroslav Hanák: Inverted Ship
Stanislav Havlíček: The First Postcard in The World – Its First Day in Use
Jiří Kraus: Major Antarctic Discoveries And The Earliest Known Concessionary Letter from The Falkland Island
Pavol Lazar, Tomáš Mádl, Friedrich Winter: The First Stamp Issue of The Austrian Empire 1850
Zdeněk Matějovský: Czechoslovak First Stamp Rarities
Tomáš Mádl: Unique Block of Nine 20 F Magyar Posta with PČ 1919 Overprint
Radoslav M íšek: 370 Shades of Red
Pavel Mošner, Postal muzeum, Zdeněk Filípek: Three Red Mercuries – Three World Rarities in Czech Collections
Petr Valošek: The Most Significant Queen Elizabeth II Era Rarity
Peter Vaňuga: Blue Trinacria

The Prestige Philatelic Club Prague successfully promoted its activities on the international scene and also commemorated the upcoming European Philatelic Exhibition in Liberec, which will be also actively promoted and participated in.


The exhibits