Café Mozart


Dear friends of philately and visitors of the PPCP website, on 11 April 2024 the XII meeting of the PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE was held in Café Mozart. The meeting was opened with a short welcome speech by the President of the club, Mr. JUDr. Tomáš Mádl, who acquainted the members with the course of the membership meeting and introduced the distinguished guests, among whom were: Jan Rihak, director of the graphic and design studio Eternia; Dušan Martinček, professional Prague photographer and Mr. Martin Jaroš and Ing. Martin Jurkovič – newly recruited members of the club. The programme of this meeting was very varied indeed.

After a short welcoming speech by Mr. Tomáš Mádl, the inauguration of a new member, Mr. Martin Jaroš, Executive Director (Managing Director) of the Portu Gallery, representative of the Portu Gallery and its investment platform (investing in unique objects with historical or collector’s value), took place according to the established custom, i.e. with the signing of the charter of the association, the presentation of a badge, a certificate and a photo. Portu Gallery, which has a long-term and consistent mission with PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE, i.e. to raise public awareness of philately, presents alternative investments as rare assets suitable for investment to the general public. The second accepted member is Mr. Ing. Martin Jurkovič, chairman of the committee of experts of the Slovak Philatelic Association, expert of Merkur Revue and expert especially on Subcarpathian Rus, or Transcarpathian Ukraine – stamps, postal stationery, integrity and seals up to 1946 and revolutionary overprints.

Another very important point was the upcoming philatelic exhibitions. The first of them is POPRADFILA 2024, which will be held from 31 October to 16 November 2024 in the Tatra Gallery in Poprad under the auspices of Mr. Milan Majerský, PhD, Chairman of the Prešov Region. It is a 2nd level exhibition (i.e. former Premiere). The exhibition will include all exhibition classes, including literature and youth classes. Although this is a national exhibition, selected exhibits from the Czech Republic will be invited.


The second planned exhibition is Monacophil 2024, which will take place in Monaco from 5 to 7 December 2024. PPCP would provide a total of 2 star constructions (the so-called “Mercedes”) for the exhibition, i.e. a total of 12 frames or exhibits (already finished exhibits from previous exhibitions). The next highly anticipated exhibition is LIBEREC 2025 (1st and 2nd level exhibition with international participation mainly from European countries), which will take place in two halls with approximately 400-500 frames between 19 and 22 June 2025. The first hall is for the exhibition, the second for the Court of Honour or for the PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE and other guests. However, it is essential that the organizing committee and PPCP agree on the exact cooperation to the satisfaction of both parties. A PPCP exhibition could also be organised with the Union of Czech Philatelists in 2026. Finally, in 2028, Praga 2028 should take place and PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE should logically participate in it, both in terms of sponsorship and exhibiting. Considering the traditionally poor attendance at world exhibitions, Praga 2028 should be held, for example, with the collectors’ fair Sběratel.


Pavol Lazar, as chairman of the Slovak Philatelists Association, would also like to organize a world exhibition in Slovakia, potentially in 2027 and in possible cooperation with the Association of Czech Philatelists, although David Kopřiva pointed out that organizing both exhibitions is financially very demanding. For the future, it is very important to propose points of contact for cooperation between PPCP and the Czech Philatelic Federation, and considering the international trust and prestige that the PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE receives, it should be considered whether PPCP should join the Union of Czech Philatelists. Presentations by 3 to 4 members at club meetings are also the music of the future. Members were again offered the opportunity to visit the Hradištko Printing Works or the Postal Museum in Vyšší Brod. Members were again encouraged to make media appearances to keep the PPCP presentable. The XIII Membership Meeting will be held on 19 September 2024. Until then, PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE and especially its members have a lot of work to do towards exhibitions and public presentation of the club.

for PPCP website Mgr. Petr Jezdinský with notes by Hana Fenclova